Build seamless Nickname based payment ecosystem among your customers

Payment Exchange Name (PEN)

PEN revolutionizes the way transactions are conducted, providing unparalleled convenience, accuracy, and efficiency. With Payment Exchange Names, each customer can assign a unique identifier to their account, simplifying the process of sending and receiving funds.

By eliminating the need for cumbersome account numbers, this solution drastically reduces the occurrence of transaction disputes and rejections, thereby streamlining operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Payment Exchange Names pave the way for innovation, allowing financial institutions to introduce new and innovative solutions like JustPay with ease.

Explore the advantages for financial institutions

  • Value-added service to individual customer segments.
  • Fewer disputes because of incorrect account transfers.
  • Fewer transaction rejections because of incorrect account numbers
  • Can be innovative with your different solutions (JustPay, etc.)

Financial institutions currently signed up as PEN issuers

Financial institutions currently singed up as PEN acquirer

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