June 23, 2024

International Industry Expo 2024

International Industry Expo 2024 – Strategic Partner of the FITIS DigiGo Pavilion

We are delighted to have participated in the International Industry Expo 2024 - South Asia's Largest Industry Expo - as the Strategic Partner of FITIS DigiGo Pavilion. The 5-day exhibition which came to a close on 23rd June had over 1,300 exhibitors. According to the National Labour Force Survey 2022 conducted by the Department of Census and Statistics, 26.4% of employed population are occupied in the industrial sector. In 2022, the contribution of the industrial sector to GDP was 27%.

We as the National Payment Network, LankaPay understands the significance of the industrial sector to the economy and our objective is to empower the sector with digital financial knowledge and cutting edge payment solutions, enhancing the efficiency levels and thereby enabling them to be globally competitive.

We are glad to have connected with several ambitious entrepreneurs and exporters at this 5-day exhibition and enlighten them of the possibilities with our digital financial solutions and making them also a part of our collective journey towards a digital economy.

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